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Each eternal light electronic flameless candle comes with its own custom light bulb replacement tool and instructions. We are UL rated for a 4 W bulb to 7 W bulb. However we recommend the 4 watt bulb as it is cooler than a 7 watt bulb. Follow the steps below to change bulbs.

Each one of our Electric Flameless Candles when purchased come pre-assembled and ready to plug-in and turn on with light bulb replacement tool inside the box with instructions inside the tool.

At this time do not offer a solar powered option, however we are in development of a solar powered option for bereavement, grave sites, funerals etc.

It would cost you annually $3.65 on average, about a penny a day.

Yes we do, please contact Lindsey at 303.995.0416 for wholesale inquiries.

4 watt incandescent bulb, a night light bulb.